Reflection Time

"What we do today is what matters most."

“What we do today is what matters most.”


Spill out

I’m woman and I do love talk. Fact. Since my childhood I truly like to write my diary. Story in my headI enjoyed to “spill out” the words that were rounding my head. And now, as adult, I was thinking “Why don’t I write again?”. So, I decided to write this blog. It’s relaxing for me and I really like, I don’t know if anyone will enjoy to read that, whatever….  I just realize that I may improve my English skills and meanwhile I’m back “spilling out” some words. 🙂

Leaving the Nest

I was born and raised in Brazil. When I was teenager, my parents gave me the incredible opportunity to study English language in USA. I went to Denver, Colorado. It was the first time that I left Brazil. When you live in third world country, and have the opportunity to live (not only visit) a first world country, I can tell, it’s amazing how we can change and grow. Everything was new, I loved every moment and every knowledge that I was gaining.

I went do Medical School in Brazil, in another city,  it was the time that I was officially living my parents home. I had another chance to learn more about how to live. I know that in American is usual to leave parents house early, but in Brazil we do not do that usually, we often leave only we get married. Sometimes, they still leave there, even married.

After graduated as Medical Doctor, I joined the Air Force (Brazilian). It was amazing! I had a intense trainer and became official military, lieutenant. I served missions in different cities, I met different points of life views. It was a special experience.

By myself, I went to Paris to improve my French language skills. There, I had a wonderful chance to study Dermatology in one of those Top Ten Dermatology’s Center in the world. It was I dream that I could live.

Midway, I went to my hometown and there I met one Brazilian guy, who was already living USA around 17 years. Yeah, it was Love at first sight. And now, I’m living in USA.

It's time to leave the nest!

It’s time to leave the nest!

I’m not the traditional Brazilian – not at all – we don’t easily “leave the nest”. But one thing that I won’t regret never is to live by myself. If everyone could have this opportunity, they may notice how change their life’s view and it also could give you a better life as a couple.

So… leave and live! 🙂

“Thank God is Friday”?

“Thank God is Friday?” Yeah, thank God is friday, saturday, sunday, even MONDAY! Thank God is TODAY! Thank God!

Today is the day, now it’s the time.  The lives we chose to live is determined by how we choose to spend every single day. Our lives are a large collection of single days one right after the other. The sun rises and sun sets… and it rises again.  I believe everyday is a day to turn a big day.   Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself. Makes huge difference in life when we  try to enjoy the appreciation and gratitude for every day! (Have you tried?)

I’ve seen people waiting for someday, some time, some…. Don’t postpone your life, don’t wait for anything to do what you desire, just do it and “Carpe Diem!”. How often do you postpone your happiness? Don’t do it! Live. Whatever’s good for you… do that. Don’t wait for anyone and any special time, enjoy every moment of you life, celebrate every happiness,  grow with every pain.

Don’t waste your day, remember: Everyday is a day to have a opportunity to do something important do your life. 

I'll be Grateful for this Day